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A biosphere reserve is a place selected by UNESCO to be part of their program created in 1971 “Man and Biosphere (MAB)”.

It promotes ecological diversity and associates cultural values by involving local populations and adopting an appropriate scientific approach. Biosphere reserves are all linked by a global network. They are coworking places to raise awareness, exchange knowledge, experiment, and research. They contribute to the implementation of The United Nation’s sustainable development goals set for 2030.

Objectifs de Développement Durable


3 goals Biosphere’s goals 

  • To save the biodiversity of a unique environment
  • To developpe sustainable economic solutions taking in account sociocultural and environmental factors
  • Logistic and scientific support, research, raising awareness

Being a part of unesco’s program is belonging to a dynamic global network, seeking a better human-nature relationship.

The MAB global Network of Biosphere Reserves is an energetic and interactive network of sites of excellence. Fontainebleau-Gâtinais Biosphere promotes the exchange of knowledge and proper behaviours. The MAB network gets wider each passing year by creating other Biospheres.

Plus d'informations

MAB France takes care of the French Biosphere reserve network.

With the support of the French Agency for Biodiversity, the MAB oversees the establishment and development of the Man and Biosphere program in France. It also links French and international communities invested in the program whatever their specialisation may be. (pedagogical purposes, scientific support, fauna and flora preservation, sustainable development, locale management, ecological transition  ….)

 MAB community


There are currently 16 Biospheres Reserves in France; three of them are located overseas (Martinique, the Guadeloupe archipelago, and French Polynesia) and two are cross-borders ( Northern Pfâzerwalf Vosges with Germany and Mont Viso with Italy).

More on the Reserves

Understanding Fontainebleau & Gâtinais Biosphere

Operation & partnership

Everywhere, anytime , ease the connection:

between men, between men and nature, between knowledge and action!

Every step we make, every decision we take, every mission we put together, the aim is always the same; promote interaction and discussion in order to create a common project and build the best future possible for our territory.

The organization of the territory   

Every Biosphere is made of three main zones :

  • One or more core area comprises a strictly protected zone that contributes to the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems, species, and genetic variation (e.g. wildlife park, endangered species sanctuary….).
  • A buffer zone around the core area is used for activities compatible with sound ecological practices that can reinforce scientific research, monitoring, training, and education.
  • Finally, the transition area is where communities foster socio-culturally and ecologically sustainable economic and human activities take place.

The designation and evaluation process

To become a Biosphere reserve, you must pass the criteria set by the global network of Biosphere Reserves and those described in the Seville Strategy (UNESO, 1995). The application is done with the help of MAB France and the application file is given to UNESCO’s French delegation.

To create a Biosphere Reserve, one must reflect on the stakes and issues of its territory. It’s a crucial moment for the different actors of the territory to exchange their points of view on the upcoming Reserve future. Many steps must to be followed in order to find common grounds and mobilize partners.  

To keep the UNESCO designation, every Biosphere Reserve is in obligation to submit a report reflecting on the 10 past years. Fontainebleau-Gâtinais Biosphere submitted this report in 2022.


Usually, a Biosphere Reserve is part of a national or regional wildlife park. Fontainebleau- Gaitanis Biosphere is an exception, it is an association (Biosphere Fontainebleau & Gatinais).

The association coordinates all partnerships, gives scientific support, and gathers all the actors active in the perimeter.  Since 2017, its seat is located in the highly touristic area of the forest in the Franchard ecotourism center. The association is therefore visible to a wide public.

En savoir +


Important decisions are taken at the General Assembly. Therefore, the moral report, the accounts for the past year, the new agreements, and the provisional budget are all voted yearly.

The organization also holds many executive boards, made up of key stakeholders of the territories. Elected during the General Assembly for three years they create projects related to sustainable development. The scientist council is often consulted to help them or to offer any suggestions.

This way of processing allows every voice of the Biosphere to be heard!

Composition of the Board

The Team

Since 2022, Beatrice Rucheton, vice-president of the Department of Seine-et-Marne in charge of the environment and departmental advisor of the canton of Fontainebleau holds the presidency.  Auxane Buresi, scientific coordinator in charge of all the activities make up the full-time team. Interns and services civiques are recruited to give a helping hand at the Ecotourism Center during the rush season.

The association relies on several councils

Scientist council

This advisory body was created in 1999 at the MAB program request when forming a Biosphere Reserve. Its members are approved by the General Assembly. The Scientific Council is common to the Biosphere and the Natural Park of Gâtinais Français and is under dual-presidency. It provides guidance to both structures, helps researchers, gives its opinion, and spreads any project related to the territory.

The Scientist council has been particularly helpful in 2020-2022 to rebuild a new perimeter for Fonatineleau-Gatinais Biosphere.

To know more

The Youth Council:

The Youth Council is currently made up of former Service Civique and interns between the ages of 18 and 35.The aim is to boost the involvement of young people in the protection of the environment and the local associative world.

The Youth Council often meets up to organize events (Ronde à Velo, festival…), participate in the Fontainebleau-Gatinais Biosphere decisions, and give a helping hand in any MAB events. 

2022, the birth of a new local project.

 “We are the Biosphere!”

In a few words, this slogan describes the goals and state of mind of the Biosphere.  The Biosphere is not only the association but is made possible thanks to its members. The actions are not exclusively held by the Biosphere but are possible thanks to all actors within its perimeter.

In order to improve the effectiveness of their actions directed towards the territory’s stakeholders, the members of the Scientific Council have identified 4 thematic areas on which they wish to focus their attention for the next five years:

  • biodiversity
  • energy,
  • agriculture and food,
  • forest and wood.


All involved


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