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Together for sustainability

An ecosystem of active partners

More than 40 partners are united under Fontainebleau -Gatinais Biosphere’s banner. They are all fighting for sustainability, for the protection of the environment and its biodiversity. The aim is to find a responsible economical solution in coherence with our territory.

Three main actions, in harmony with UNESCO’s MAB values, are held:

Support knowledge and the conservation of biodiversity:

  • making an inventory of all species, producing atlas, scientific data files, and citizen science…
  •  the tracing and protecting of species in vulnerable zones, opening delicate spaces to the public, raising awareness
  • landscape management, bluz-green infrastructure, 2 nature reserves, 20 Biologic reserves, 9  Natura 2000 sites, the quality label “ forêt d’exception “for Fontainebleau forest


Support sustainable development and balancing territory

  • helping eco-responsible farmers: 120 farmers committing to MAEC, developing organic agriculture ( 50% of Seine et Maris farms/ Estates, 25% in Essonne)
  • ecotourism: 50 eco-players, part of Biosphere-ecotourism and National parc of Gatinais, 52 tourism players, local farmers and producers… 
  • renewable energy: mechanization  ( Seine-et-Marne goals: 75% of 100% renewable gas supply in 2030), developing wood-energy

Logistic support

Our partners back up and support the pedagogical projects and scientific research located on the territory

  • raising awareness and teaching a wide public
  • frequent meetings with elected members, organizations, economic actors, and territory stakeholders

Exemple of actions :

Eco-passage in the plain de Sorques.

In ENS of Sorques plain, in the south of Fontainebleau’s Forest, a large body of water flows into the river Loing. It is the place where the reproduction of batrachians and their migration from the forest to the body of water takes place. Unfortunately, the two latter are crossed by the “departmentale 104”. In 1991 more than 2000 toads were squashed throughout the 400m of road. In 1996, four underground tunnels and  400 m of protection barrier were built to ease their crossing. After 10 years, roughly 5 000 toads, frogs, newts, six protected species, and other endangered species use this eco-passage. Revealing itself useful, this project was extended by 500m with 10 new tunnels in 2020. The department of Seine et Marne gave the funds to organize a participatory worksite. 240 volunteers, professionals, local organizations, and Nicolas Hulot’s foundation helped with the construction despite hard conditions due to the global pandemic.

Plus d’informations

Equimeth, local and non-polluting energy.

A biogas network made of waste, foodstuff, and manure produces gas for more than 4000 citizens in Ecuelles(77). The project was firstly initiated by the Biosphere reserve in 2008 with the help of Mines ParisTech and was passed to the “Communauté de communes Moret Seine et Loing”. Since 2021 the facility is in function.

Pour en savoir plus

The “Ronde à Vélo ” : 

Each year, Fontainebleau-Gâtinais Biosphere and the  departement of Seine et Marne , holds an event called “la Ronde à Vélo ». For a Day, the road route ronde  in Fontainebleau Forest is closed. Only bikes are allowed!  At la Faisanderie and at our ecotourism center of Franchard, booths are installed and numerous partners help us bring this experience to life.  Some part of the track takes the bikers into the forest. The ONF is here to maintain and regulate the damage to the environment and helps us choose the right paths.

La ronde à vélo

Biosphères mangement 

The management of Biospheres is in itself a subject of research, study, and experimentation.

In France, where the status of “biosphere reserve” does not constitute regulatory protection, their governance and management continually raise questions because they essentially base their efforts on the desire of local actors to work together with common and cross-cutting objectives. Therefore, in France, the questions of collective and participatory management are raised. Spatial planning, territorial metabolism, and mobilization of citizens are all areas of research aiming toward sustainable management of the territory.

Here are a few examples of the research and actions that took place in our Biosphere:


  • Sociological and ethnological study on the uses of territory and social perception, the users’ knowledge and norms of their territory ;
  • Research on the impact of antiparasitic medicine given to horses that could have a negative effect on the forest’s fauna;
  • Promoting local and sustainable agriculture; characterizing local phenomena and proposing to encourage more sustainable agriculture (INRAE, AgroParisTech);
  • The natural regional park has set up a research program to study the impact of night lighting on bats;

The Biosphere Association, located in Franchard ecotourism center, raises environmental awareness through scientific events, activities for all, and the hosting of partner structures.

 Franchard’s Ecotourism Center


Many institutional entities and stakeholders also carry out training and awareness-raising actions on the territory of the Biosphere.

  • Higher education establishments providing training in the environment and sustainability (Mines Paris Tech, forest ecology station at the University of Paris Diderot, etc.)
  • Structures offering training for stakeholders in the territory (ARB, Natur Essonne, Agrof’ILE, CAUE77, PNRGF, etc.)
  • Schools involved in environmental education and sustainable development through various mechanisms: The E3D Label, UNESCO Associated Schools Network, Nature College Schemes, and Competitions initiated by the Department of Seine et Marne
Nos partenaires

Ecotourism, between preserving and developing, nature and culture 

Fontainebleau Gatinais s Biosphere is commissioned by UNESCO to impulse actions in favor of sustainable development that balances environmental conservation, economic development, and education on its territory.

Since 2013, Fontainebleau-Gatinais Biosphère reseve and Seine et Marne “chambre de commerce et de l’industrie » manage the ecotourisme programme. A network of tourism stakeholders engaged in a process of progress.

By adopting a chart with UNESCO, all eco-plays commit to the Biosphere. They are in an obligation to reduce their environmental impact, raise awareness, contribute to local business, highlight the heritage, and more. This approach, in coherence with the Corporate social responsibility (CSR) method aims to highlight local players in favor of  responsible practices.

In 2022, our network is made of more than fifty tourism players ( travel agencies, tour guides, nature guides, hotels, homes, guestrooms, heritage, and pedagogical sites,…)

This project is part of the national approach of the eco-players of the Biosphere Reserves. Eco-payers are pillars for raising awareness among local tourists and visitors. They teach proper behaviors, more respectful of their environment.

Ecotourism Biosphere in a nutshell!

  • An initial diagnosis is made by CCI 77;
  • The Biosphere then works with eco-players to developpe goals that affect its organization

, its offer, its customers, its suppliers, and its role in the local network;

  • The CCI and RBFG then help the eco-players in these commitments by guiding, informing, and giving them tools;
  • After the approval of the Board of Directors of the Biosphere Association, the eco-players becomes a member of the network, which is run by the association.


agriculteur et son âne au travail

Interested in joining?

    The Biosphere awards

    Since 2014, Fontainebleau-Gâtinais Biosphere Reserve stimulates and promotes local projects and ideas related to environmental and sustainable development.

    Fontainebleau-Gâtinais Biosphere Reserve trophies are financially supported by the Departmental Council of Seine-et-Marne, the Departmental Council of Essonne, the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie.

    3  project categories are rewarded:

    • Innovation category,  a project offering an original solution to the challenges of sustainable development
    •  Exemplary category
    •  Category Youth, project supported by or mobilizing youngsters (-35 years)

    The winners receive a trophy and a 1000€ check. A UNESCO award ceremony for the winners of all French Biosphere Reserves takes place each year. 

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